Vigneron Import is a Helsinki-based company focusing on importing wine and other beverages in Finland.
It was started in 2017 and it is based on a pattern consisting 10 years of ideas, collective discussions, intense brainstorms, professional trips, organising tastings, professional experiences on wine&food pairings, restaurant service, running wine programs, sommelier trainings, tasting competitions, professional degrees & assignments, wine sales, event management, conceptual creativity and intellectual approach to wine culture. Our background is sommelier profession and restaurant service in general, we come from the heart of where action takes place, we have been where you are right now, we made mistakes, we felt stupid and proud from time to time, we have been snobs too and we learnt humbleness from our mistakes too. We have been where you are now, therefore we understand you the best to provide you the best service.

Please get in contact for any inquiry at info@vigneron.fi.

You can also organise private wine tastings with us and discuss further event organisations. Contact at info@vigneron.fi.